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Sat Sept 8th   - Pete Coe

Sat Sept 25th - Paul Downes

Paul spent his youth playing classical guitar, rugby, soccer, cricket, the field and looking at maps. He played a solo recital in Westminster Abbey at the age of sixteen and subsequently took up folk music.

From the age of 12, Paul's best friend was Steve Knightley; then at 16, they met Phil Beer. However, despite these drawbacks, Paul was reasonably well-balanced until, after giving up a promising academic career, he went on the road as a professional muso. "Was it the women or the curry houses?", Paul was once heard to rhetoricise.

A few years touring as Downes and Beer, all around Europe and the UK, playing sessions on hundreds of albums, four records of their own and two solo sets for Paul... and they met Bill Zorn and formed the now legendary Arizona Smoke Revue. A meteoric rise into TV, radio, major European festivals, world tours and four albums... that was enough! Paul was asked to stand in on a Joyce Gang gig (their first!) and the rest, as they say, is mystery.

Paul Downes now still gigs extensively in the UK and USA as a solo artist, made his third album, enjoys shopping and cooking, supporting Exeter Rugby Club and getting a suntan.

2021 (Maybe)

Sat 4th Sept          Pete Coe

Sat 25th Sept        Paul Downes

Sat 23rd Oct          Fairport Convention

Sat 6th Nov           Clive Gregson

Sat 20th Nov         Martyn Joseph

Sat 11th Dec         All on A Winter’s Night with                                  Johnny Coppin


Sat 22nd Jan         Sarah McQuaid

Sat 12th Feb         Paul Cowley 

Sat 5th March      Track Dogs

Sat 2nd April        Over The Moon 

Sat 23rd April       MEGSON

Sat 7th May          An Evening with

                               Rick Kemp 

You could be forgiven for thinking at first listen that Sunjay is older than his 26 years. With a relaxed and confident manner, vocal style and mastery of his instrument he walks onto a stage and addresses the audience as though he is sitting down to play music with a group of close friends; a completely natural approach for a young man who picked up the guitar when he was just 4 years old and hasn’t put it down since.


Sunjay’s style has that natural drift between folk and blues and both camps have recognised his obvious flair. There have been a clutch of award nominations, including winning the Wath Festival Young Performers Award. He also made the final selection for the BBC’s Young Folk Award in 2012, had three nominations at the Exposure Music Awards 2014 and was also recognised by the 2014 British Blues Awards.


Drawing from a rich, musical and cultural background it is hardly surprising that Sunjay has quickly become recognised as one of the UK’s rising stars. His performances have been described as “mature and confident”, while his guitar playing has been hailed as “superb, brilliant, experienced, intricate & faultless”. Sunjay clocked over a hundred tour dates in 2013 supporting the likes of Steeleye Span, Martin Simpson, Passenger, and Terry Reid.

"Already creating a stir with talents way beyond his years. A really soothing, natural sound and most definitely destined for bigger things." - Maverick Magazine


“For such a young performer, Sunjay shows real confidence, maturity and ease on

stage that it seems like he has been doing nothing else all of his life.” - Folk All Magazine


"Sunjay is very much the man of the moment. Not so much the flavour of the month as the

flavour of the year." – Living Tradition

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