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All events start at 7.30pm 


Doors at 6.45pm    



Sat 22nd June  Over The Moon

Sat 27th July     Mark & Friends (Free Entry) with   Pete Joshua, Colin Pitts & Mark Harrison 

Sat 7th Sept   Track Dogs

Sat 19th Oct  While & Matthews

Sat 9th Nov   Sunjay

Sat 16th Nov  Chris Leslie

Support by Sheena & Kim

Sat 7th Dec   Jackie Oates &

                        John Spiers

Support by Linda Watkins

OTM 3.jpg

Canadian roots/swing duo Over The Moon's   Suzanne Levesque and Craig Bignell are awarding multi-instrumentalists/vocalists that met, fell in love, got married and discovered their voices blend so well together that people often tear up upon hearing them sing.


Living on a ranch in the foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, it's inevitable there will be a strong sense of place- and the rhythms of the land when you start to make music.   When the couple released their debut album, the resonances were there for all to hear. reflecting the pulse of life, lived in a territory that is both dirt-hard rugged and beautiful.


Their music is a wild ride from 40's sounding western swing and Appalachian old-time, to cowboy blues.  Simple and sweet, all of their material has a common thread that speaks of the Canadian west and on their UK release, reviews were glowing. American Roots UK saying it was "Exceptional" and Country Music People adding "There's so much to enjoy here." The editor of Maverick Magazine told readers "You will love this” Elmore Magazine, New York "We knew we were on to something special"



Sat 11th Jan       Simply Dylan


Sat 8th Feb         Gordon Giltrap

Support by Katie Grace Harris

Sat 1st March     Megson

Sat 29th March   Bob Fox

Sat 19th April      Ashley Hutchings                                  & Beccy Mills

Sat 6th Sept        Gerry Colvin Band   

Sat 8th Nov        Martyn Joseph

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