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On Reg Meuross

Enjoyed it very much, and even bought a CD

Alicia Marshall 17/01/24

A sensitive troubadour, giving a thoughtful, heartfelt and melodic delivery. An evening thoroughly enjoyed.

Hazel Stoneham 17/01/24

Fabulous and yet another wonderful evening at this club.

Chris Stoneham 17/01/23


On Silverblues

What a fabulous night Best this year, so far! Well done Lyn x  17/03/24

Great night last night, thank you.

C Kay 17/03/24

Many thanks for last nights concert - it was brilliant. Your description of a supergroup was spot on. I will certainly be back if you book them again.

Wally Cox 17/3/24


On The Radio Ballads 

What a fabulous evening with the Radio Ballads, up there with the very best live gigs I've seen over the last few years. Thank you so much for making this happen, so much work behind the scenes I'm sure, but what a brilliant experience for so many people. And next the wonderful Steve Turner, one of my favourite singers with so many great songs.

Chris Stoneham 07/05/23


On Track Dogs

What an absolute belter of an evening! Thank you! 

Helen Mayo 19-03-22

Just to say that the Track Dogs were brilliant. Best concert I have been to yet

Clare Armstrong 28-03-22

On Billy Mitchell & Bob Fox

Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant evening tonight,and all the other great nights.Thanks for all your hard work

Ray & Jan 04/06/22

On Pete Morton

Just a fantastic evening. Live music at its best, powerful, entertaining and thought provoking. What a recipe.

Chris Stoneham 10/09/22

Thank you for this evening Mark, I thought it was very special…. A good start to the season

Lyn Collins 10/09/22


On Peter Knight & John Spiers 

What a brilliant night on Saturday, well done and thank you!
Debra Cull 24/03/19

On Martyn Joseph

Amazing evening, thanks to all!!! we were a long way from home near Bristol, but well worth the drive...

Jo Crowe 23/11/19

Just to say it was a superb evening! 
Thanks very much - we'll come again. 

Steve and Louise 23/11/19



On Fisherman's Friends

That was a fabulous evening, thank you - one of the best 

Jennifer Angless - 23/02/18

Absolutely brilliant evening, thank you both so much for all the hard work and well done! 
Debra and John Cull - 23/02/18 

On Julie Felix

That was so good, we were treated to a real legend this evening. All the way from the USA to Tiddy Hall. Thank you for a memorable evening.

John & Deborah Cull 07/04/18

Thank you for a very special evening, pretty special wasn't it.

Jenny & David Lines 07/04/18

On Mark Pidgeon

Just wanted to say a massive thank you from Celia and me for a really wonderful evening. We had such a great time - and learned a lot

Emlyn Lilly - 12/08/18


Brilliant night. Thank you both for the awesome music, I was hanging on to every word. - Lefty 06/10/18

One of the most exciting acts we've had at the club, a great evenings entertainment - Mark Pidgeon 07/10/18

On A.J. Clarke & Peggy

A terrific show last night, thanks to you for all your efforts. Keep up the good work

Ken & Audrey 20-11-18

On All on a Winters Night (Johnny Coppin)

I really enjoyed the gig last night, it was brilliant
Jed Yarnold - 09/12/18

Thanks so much Mark and Elaine for a fantastic time last night  My friends and I enjoyed it so much.

Please can it be an annual event???

Happy Christmas

Diane Fowler 10/12/18

Great night on Saturday. Thanks

Sybil Ruscoe 10/12/18

On Listen, Listen

An absolutely fabulous evening at Wychwood, with 15 String Trio, IOTA and Listen, Listen - The Songs of Sandy Denny. Great company, with so many friends there, made for one of the best gigs of the year, for me. It is always better for me, to hear songs interpreted, rather than imitated, with someone as unique as Sandy Denny. Wonderful way to end my music season this year, which has been an absolute cracker!

Ian Huckin 23/12/18

Fantastic night with good friends! Great way to end the years gigs

Pete Laurie 23/12/18



On Chris Leslie

Fabulous evening, thank you Chris Leslie and Ian Brown and Wychwood folk club.x

Sylvie Pate 16-04-17

On Melrose Quartet

What a great night last night! Congratulations!!

Jenny and David 21-05-17

On Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman

A lovely evening at the Wychwood folk club seeing Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman. A sublime performance as ever from them with a great opening set from Sunjay.  What a great club, we'll be back.

Richard Barnes - 04/06/17

On Under the Wychwood

Well done Mark for a splendid evening

Lyn - 30-07-17

Fabulous evening tonight 

Deborah Jackson - 30-07-17

On Steve Tilston

 just a note to say thank you for having me. Nice friendly club you have there - far more welcoming than some places.  Steve T excellent of course but the support band was a pleasant surprise as well

David Woodworth - 03/09/17

On Martyn Joseph

Excellent evening! 
Lyn - 05-11-17

Great night Mark. Thanks for organising. Martyn gets better and better.

Val Sansford - 05-11-17

Excellent evening.

Ian Ralph Hucking- 05-11-17

Fab night at Wychwood Folk Club last night

Sarah Heppenstall - 05-11-17


Shire Folk Review

Saturday 9 January 2016

Just over two years ago Oxfordshire-based singer-songwriter Mark Pidgeon reckoned there was a gap in the market for a new folk club in west Oxfordshire. On my visit to the club, on a really cold, wet, January evening, 140 people (a sell-out!) had turned up in Tiddy Hall in Ascott-under-Wychwood. I think this proves the enterprising Mark was correct in his assessment.

‘I seemed to be travelling many miles to see folk acts and bands’, said Mark, ‘so I thought, why not try and put some of them on in my village’. So Wychwood Folk Club was born and it has quickly become a centre to see established acts like Peter Knight’s Gigspanner, Jez Lowe, and Richard Digance. Mark told me he had just booked Steve Knightley of Show of Hands for January 2017, which will no doubt be another sell-out. However, it is refreshing to see that also Mark gives new, young talent the chance to play and two real Shire Folk favourites in Kelly Oliver and Ninebarrow are on the list to appear at the club.

Tiddy Hall is really the village hall and is a light, airy, spacious building with excellent acoustics for folk music. Mark does have the option of also using the nearby Swan Inn, which has a room holding up to 45 people. Having the two venues with different capacities not only helps Mark balance the books, but also gives him the ability to book a wide range of artists.

There are now roughly two gigs a month at the club, all taking place on a Saturday night. Being in a village means many locals come along just for a night out and this is the perfect way to introduce them to live folk music. Doors open at 7.30 p.m. for an 8 p.m. start and ticket prices range from £6 to £14 depending on the act playing. There is parking at the hall and on the streets nearby. The club now has multi-instrumentalist Chris Leslie from Fairport Convention as its Patron and Wychwood Brewery are the club sponsors. Hence a good pint of Hobgoblin is always available at the bar.

On the night I went along, Phil Beer, the other half of Show of Hands, was playing the second night of his 39-date solo tour. He wowed the crowd with two 45-minute sets, including a mix of traditional and contemporary material such as ‘Warlike Lads of Russia’, learnt from Nic Jones, and a fine version of ‘Next Best Western’ from one of my favourite singers, Richard Shindell. Phil reminded us that he had played in the ‘Hot House’, a club in the nearby village of Charlbury in the very early days of Show of Hands. I actually saw them play there. Sadly, that club has gone, but on the evidence of my visit, Mark and his willing band of helpers have created a successful folk club that has a very bright future indeed.

Graham Hobbs 2016

On Swanfest 2016

Just wanted to what a fantastic Swanfest! Loved all the artists we saw, John saw more in the afternoon too. Well done to you both and your team!
Thank you
Debra and John X

Absolutely brilliant evening at Swanfest last night - a lovely end to my 2 weeks summer holiday. I listened to Cardiff Bay on a deserted beach on The Isle of Mull on Wednesday, then got to hear it live last night - lucky me!! A truly inspirational evening as I knew it would be. 

J Williams

Great day at Swanfest with the UK weather helping the groups sound even better.KS

On Johnny Coppin & Mike Silver 

Just to say many thanks for a brilliant Saturday night's entertainment.
You have an excellent venue and it is heart warming to see, from the pictures on the wall, the efficient organization, the wonderful sound and the personal touches, that Folk Music is so much appreciated at Wychwood.
I know Mike and Johnny very much enjoyed the whole evening.

Karina Sept 2016

On Peter Knight’s Gigspanner 2016

After such a brilliant performance on Saturday, I felt I had to write to say thanks top you both.  Yes, for me they and their music are awesame, spellbinding, entrancing and a few other descriptive superlatives I won't even bother to write as I think you know what I mean.  For me they strike a chord - I don't know why that is, why they come across so effectively.  At one point I looked at the woman behind me and her eyes were glazed, she being so taken with what she was listening to.


But it is your hard work that allows us punters this excellent enjoyment - long may you continue to delight us all.

Dave in MB


On Jez Lowe 

Turned up on a whim, having searched for something new to do, really enjoyed Jez Lowe on Saturday night. Please add me to your mailing list. Have booked some tickets for Hatful of Rain already!

Best wishes Lucy Aug 2016

Jez Lowe was amazing! We spent most of Sunday playing his CDs. I too, was singing the FB song in my head all day - even tried to find a copy to buy,  but unsuccessful.

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to running the club. It is very much appreciated.

Tricia Murphy Aug 2016

On Anthony John Clarke

Fantastic night with Anthony John Clarke. Laughed and very nearly cried. Over 2 hour set of pure joy and plenty of audience chorus opportunities. Unforgettable.

G Davies Oct 2016

On Clive Gregson

Thanks for putting such a great evening of music, Gregson was fantastic and so was the support. We brought a couple of friends who are more used to Birmingham NEC for their live music and they loved it and they intend to come again

Chris Stoneham 12-11-16


Wychwood Folk Club, A must for all players including novices to watch and learn something. The brilliant Jigantics gave us a display of both stage presence and how to entertain. Great night out, not to be missed. Looking forward to the next one.

Colin Greenway (MC Witney Acoustic Room) – June 2015

On The Jigantics

A big thank you for the concert last night, which we and our friends thoroughly enjoyed

Peter & Joan Hudson-Ward – June 2015


On The Jigantics

Just wanted to say thanks for a great night, last night.  Really enjoyed it.

Also thanks for all your hard work bringing these artists to the Wychwood Folk Club.

Best wishes Annie & Ian Hogg – June 2015


On Swanfest 2015

What a great day! Well done, many congratulations and a huge thank you, we loved it all!
Debra and John x


I didn't manage to get to see all yesterday, but what I did was great. Barbara was fab! Well done to everyone.
Lyn x


It was a lovely day from start to finish - and hats off to you and Elaine for pulling it off

Linda Watkins


Anita and I really enjoyed the Swanfest yesterday- great job organising that, was so good to have this in the Wychwoods

Jeremy & Anita


Hope you have recovered from a great weekend, it was really excellent and Barbara Dickson was fantastic

Derrick Beer - White Horse Folk Club


Well done, Barbara very happy with the whole gig, great work

Nick Holland

On Jez Lowe

Well done for the Jez Lowe concert it was a cracking evening, really enjoyed the whole night!

Geoff Davies - Aug 15


On Chris Leslie

Fabulous evening at Wychwood Folk Club. Chris Leslie was on sparkling form, as expected, with sing-a-longs and instrumentals, and a good support act - Blues, but with a bit of humour as well.

Ian Ralph Huckin - Sept 2015


On Steve Turner

Thanks for a truly wonderful evening with Steve. And now you have the equally brilliant Paul Downes, will be reserving a seat for this one. In fact it looks like we will be regulars at your gigs over the next few months. I know how much work is involved in putting on these types of gigs so once again thank you.

Chris Stoneham - Nov 15


On Peter Knight’s Gigspanner

Just wanted to thank you and Elaine for a brilliant night, last night.  Fiddle playing at its very best. I'm telling everyone what a great night they missed!....Look forward to future events at Tiddy Hall.
Annie Hogg - March 2014

On Richard Digance

Thanks Mark. Brilliant last night!!

Lyn Collins x – April 2014


We had a great evening, yet again, at Wychwood Folk Club . Mark and Elaine do a superb job there. Support live music, you know it makes sense…

Jules Proctor - Banburyshire Podcast

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